1998 - 2008
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Luke 23: 46a ' Father into thy hands I commend my spirit' for piano soloPartituren

finished on the 24th of June
This composition is dedicated to Kees Wieringa

Première on the 17th of December 2008
During a lecture recitel by Kees Wieringa in the auditorium of the Hogeschool InHolland, Bijdorplaan 15 in Haarlem
Opening: 7.00 p.m.

Première 'Haan' Partituren 

On June 15th 4.00 p.m by Elisabeth Smalt - viola, Bernd Brackman - piano,
in De Kunstkerk, in Amsterdam.

Performance 'Ongehoord'

On April 20, 8.00 p.m. by the Fries Saxofoonkwartet in the Lucaskerk in Winkel.
'De Tien Gebeden' [The Ten Prayers], 'De Warme Winter Warreling' [Warm Winter Whirling] and premiéres of adaptations:
W.A. Mozart Finale 'le Nozze di Figaro' Partituren 
F. Zappa 'Black Napkins'/'Zwarte Servetten'.Partituren 

Performance 'Stringtrio no. 1' Partituren

On April 13, 11.30 a.m. by the Prisma Strijktrio in the 'Groene Kerkje' in Lambertschaag.


Radio broadcast 'The Ten Prayers' 

CD Ten Prayers

October 21 and 28 - In the radio programme 'Musica Religiosa' from Ikon, an interview and work will be broadcast on radio 5. The complete broadcast is available in the archives and web radio of 'Musica Religiosa', and also available on CD.

'Lely - Afzien' for male voice choir and Piano Partituren

completed the 21st June. Lyrics: Hilco Visser.
Commissioned to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Afsluitdijk.

Première 'De Tien Gebeden' [The Ten Prayers] & 'De Warme Winter Warreling' [Warm Winter Whirling]

On January 7, 4.30 p.m. by the Fries Saxophone Quartet in Hoorn: during the Warm Winter Whirling in Ridderikhoff.

"...The Ten Prayers are exercises in harmony. An individual quest to find a unique approach to the remains of the history of western music. It creates some very beautiful sonorities, like in prayer nine..."
[ Paul Janssen, Noordholland Dagblad 08-01-07 ]


'De Warme Winter Warreling' [Warm Winter Whirling]
for saxophone quartet

completed the 4th of October.

Performance of 'Prayer nr. 4, 5 en 8' Partituren

On March 4, 4 p.m. by the 4males saxophone quartet in the Hippolytuskerk in Hippolytushoef


'Tien Gebeden' [The Ten Prayers] for saxophone quartet Partituren

completed the 21st of July


'Haan' for viola and piano in seven parts Partituren 

completed the 29th of December
written on request of Sven Arne Tepl for the "International Chamber Music in Haan" [ Germany ] This work is dedicated to all the children in the third world.

Performance 'Prayer 1 and 2' from 'The Ten Prayers'
Prayer 1 and 2 are in try out performed by the Fries Saxofoon Kwartet in the Hippolytuskerk, Hippolytushoef on November 28, 2004

"...Prayer nr. 1, belonged to one of the highlights. A true portrayal of sounds with beautiful dissonant chords..."
[ Henk Pruijsen, Wieringer Courant: 2-12-2004 ]

'De Verzoening' [The Reconciliation] for two mallets Partituren

completed the 15th of September
is also a choreography for the instruments

Stringquartet no. 1 'Paradisum' in three parts Partituren

completed the 7th of August, published by Red Frog Music

Stringtrio no. 1 'Alles Goed? en de zelfkant van een gesprek' [Everything Allright? and the twilight zone of conversation" in two parts Partituren 

completed on the 21st of January, published by Red Frog Music
Performed in première by the Prisma Strijktrio in Hippolytushoef on March 28th 2004

"...You can recognize structures and the sound idiom is pleasant Schoonbeek tries to hold a mirror up to the people..."
[ Noor Hartsuijker, Noord Hollands Dagblad: 29-3-2004 ]


'Passion' for tenor, motion, image and sound

Posthumous requiem for my father and friend
Elzo Schoonbeek [1-11-1931 - 17-9-1995]

Performed in première by Arnold Bezuyen - tenor, Esther Jager - motion, Henk op ten Berg - image and Geert Schoonbeek - piano in Den Helder on April 3rd 1998.

"...The desperation in the voice and dissonant's in the piano in the famous line 'My God, my God why hast Thou forsaken me?' was an apogee..."
[ Gerrit Jongsma, Wieringer Courant: 7-4-1998 ]


"Music is a higher revelation then all wisdom and philosophy"

Ludwig von Beethoven

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